August 15, 2008

Can I Get Some Help Here?

Ever feel like your child is just seconds away from a disaster or is always getting into things? Well than you will definitely want to visit My Precious Kid. This is an awesome sight with some great child safety products. Oh, and they have toys and crafts too!! One of the items you must look at are the Child ID Kits. This day in age, you never can be too safe!! Check it out.....let me know which item you liked from the site!


Misty said...

megan this is so cute!!!!! love the idea and will post your button on my page!

love it! it is nice to have some more info on where to find things trendy or otherwise!

Misty said...

how do you make the little buttons to link to your site, i have been trying to mess with html codes and pictures, but am not nearly smart enough LOL!