October 31, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

Ok, so Trick-or-Treating is officially over. Time to put away the Halloween decor. I have already seen Christmas decor and advertisments in local shopping centers and sale ads. Experts say that retailers are having to get started earlier this year to compensate for the economic hardships. Here, in Northwest Indiana, just 40 minutes from Chicago, a local Chicago radio station The Lite 93.9 is taking a vote on when to start Christmas music. Last year they started just a few days after Halloween. I think it was Nov. 4th!! How soon is too soon? I love the Holiday's and the music and I say bring it on!!! What do you think? Is it too soon? Are you ready to deck the halls?

October 5, 2008

I'm in Love!!

I am having an affair. I am totally smitten....with my son's new stroller that is. It is the best investment my husband and I have made in a while. Our son has special needs and is a preemie. So he just fits perfectly and doesn't roll around like in our old stroller! Also, it goes up to 45lbs, has an adjustable handle for easy pushing, and folds up easily!! Oh yeah, and it come in some awesome colors. I just love this thing...it is the best invention since the Wonderbra!!

October 1, 2008

The Holidays Are Coming!

Got a great product you would like to submit for the holidays?
How would you even like your very own COMMERCIAL for your product?
Contact The Posh Parent today for more info!
Hurry, The Holidays are on their way!